Shallow Plate (also known as striker or shaker plate) is used primarily in utility work. Shallow plates are placed above sensitive materials in the ground, such as gas mains, while exposed prior to being back filled. The plate is buried and acts as a protective shield to prevent damaged from machinery in the event that it must be dug up  in the future. 


GO-TO  PROVIDER OF STEEL PLATE has been distributing high grade steel plate, with fast immediate service for 30 years. 

We are an industry leader in plate and steel sales. Our dedicated sales team works around the clock to find steel products at the lowest prices nationwide. Our buying power and industry contacts allow us to purchase at integral moments and reserve that value to pass along to our customers.

Our sales team works closely with Steel Mills and distributors, nationally and internationally, enabling custom orders and shipping options.

For Information on New Road Plate Sales

or Shallow Plate Sales, please contact

Claude Poitras

Sales Manager

​(207) 852-5271

For Information on Surplus Roadplate Sales

or Shallow Plate Sales, please contact

Claude Poitras

Sales Manager

​(207) 852-5271

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In-stock surplus plate of various dimensions, weights and rates. 

We are constantly purchasing and stocking a variety of plate for customer needs. See if our surplus stock can fit your needs. 

Well established relationships with steel mills and producers allow us to find the products you need at a rate and time frame that works for you.

Our flatbed division is happy to provide delivery services nationally and internationally. Rates may vary.

Shallow Plate is traditionally GQ (General Quality) steel, sold in pieces 2' x 4' - 6' x 9/16"-5/8", depending on local requirements.

We offer shallow plate as new and stock as well in 2x4, 2x5 and 2x6. Please inquire today about our current inventory and offerings.

We stock a variety of quality plate in varying thickness from 1/16" to 1" and over with a variety of chemical certifications. Depending on your needs, supplementing parts of your order with stock plate can reduce cost and time. Ask our sales department about stock plate options.

Please call to check availability and reserve plates for your desired rental period.

Our stock inventory sizes are displayed right. Please take a few moments to review your job, and calculate the exact dimensions needed for your job. Our associates are happy to work with you to provide you the most efficient coverage for the best price. 


All steel plates are OSHA required A36 Steel Roadplate, providing the greatest possible strength on the market to ensure safety and reliability for any shoring needs. All plates come with mill certifications and chemical testing sheets, guaranteeing quality and protection you need. proudly guarantee the quality and integrity of all steel plates. Please review the materials below. For customization options, please visit the SERVICE page, or call a representative today.




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