A brief history.

An independent contractor himself, founder and CEO Gary Donovan began a career of general contracting in his youth upon graduating high school. 

Operating in Boston throughout the Big Dig, Gary and other contractors soon realized the local demand for road plates was an immediate need to many contractors. With no road plate rental or sales facilities locally, or perhaps even nationally at this point, Gary found himself renting his own plates to contractors. As word spread, Gary continued to rent his plates as demand grew. Eventually, upon the completion of the Big Dig, Gary decided to fill the much needed void in the market. He dissolved his contracting company and dedicated his career to road plates. 

To date, Roadplates.com has locations in 5 states, servicing all continental U.S states and Canada. Our Staff has now grown to a close knit team of employees and salesmen nationwide. 

A brief history.

Boston, Massachusetts. 1988

Some info and pictures from Roadplates.com's Early days, before the internet.

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