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Our iniative is now an Industry standard.

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We are happy and able to customize any and all steel road plates. We offer customization services to all road plates we sell, but will also customize customer owned plates.

Stand out! Be recognized by fellow contractors with personalized plate edge painting and custom color anti-skid surfacing (see local and state requirements). Company name, logo etc. stenciling is also available.

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Standard Colors Shown (left to right, top to bottom):

Natural ColoringForest GreenSunshine YellowPink

Deep BlueRedOrange, White (with reflective)

Beige, BlackLight BlueGold

Call for custom colors.


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Stand out.

An employee applying the 2-part standard epoxy.

Don't slip up on safety.



Roadplates.com is a company built on the principals of safety and security. The traction of roadplates throughout inclimate weather, including rain and snow, was an evident growing concern throughout the industry. 

Over the years, companies and contractors developed many methods, ranging from sand-blasting to grip tape, to combat slippery conditions of the plate and provide further protection from harm for work crews, pedestrians and vehicles.

The wide range of attempted solutions was a topic of dispute for years. Many contractors looked to us for our professional opinion on the best solution, so we went to work.

Roadplates.com spent over a year in research and development of an anti-skid solution. Through trial and error, as well as collaboration with industry specialists, we have founded the current industry standard used today - a very unique and specialized anti-skid epoxy.

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